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Be very careful with this company! It will start out submitting your idea to their website.

Then I was contacted by Chris **. This guy is slick, he will make you think you have the best idea since sliced bread. Then they will hit you up for $900 dollar to consumer test your idea. Then Chris called me to tell me my product scored high and that we need to move forward, time is of essence.

Remember they will tell you all kind of things. Starting off with this is where your work ends and theirs begins. They are only going to take 10% and you get to keep 90% and they are going to spend at least 50,000 marketing your idea. The risk is all theirs.

All you have to do is pay for the patent and it only 12,995. They will handle all the patent stuff. They are going to use their lawyer and this will only take 3 to 6 months. Understand when I say these people are slick I mean it.

Then I was transferred to a guy named Sergio **. This guy is going to take your money and promise you the world. Once they get your money this is where the fun begins. I didn't hear any from anyone for three months and if you get Sergio to answer the phone (This will take days) He rudely pass you off to the patent processing 1-888-926-8174 Ext-300.

I think this is when I know I lost my money. But not going to make it easy on them. So I call patent processing and they will pull your file and they will email you with your lawyer info and they are contacting him too to make sure that he will get back to you. This was the first lawyer that was assigned to me.

We traded email back and forth promising he will have everything done for me to review next week. Every week he had a new excuse why it would be next week. Then I received email saying he is no longer working on my patent that I need to contact WPM. Called processing and I was told they assigned me a new lawyer to better represent me.

He name was Mark **. Contact Mark by email and he gets right back to me. Was told all the paperwork would be ready in a months for review. It wasn't long after a month that all contact ended with Mark.

Here we go again. Called processing and I have a new lawyer and his name is Andrew **. I was told he would finish it the first of February. February rolls around and not to my surprise, still no paperwork!

So I contact Andrew and he replied "Hello John, I am looking into this. For some reason you were removed from my client list hence why you have not heard from me so let me get to the bottom of this and get back to you." That was February 11 2017 and March 1st I received this from Andrew "Hey John, I wanted to send you an update with my current issue with WPM. They haven't paid me in months and the CC they use to file the apps has been declined. I am fearing the worst from them and wanted to let you know that around the 15th if these are not fixed I will be leaving WPM.

I will reach out to you then and talk with you. Can you please provide me with your phone number to call around that date?" These are his words! Have email to back it. So I called processing and I was told due to the complex of my patent it was reassigned to Lawyer Rechel.

I have sent Two email to Rechel and cannot get a reply. I told processing what Andrew said and all processing could say is she insured me that was not the case. Over and over again! I told processing I wanted to talk to management.

I was told I would be contacted. Still no contact! Look good and you will see all the five star are people just starting. They will call you day and night until and I mean until they get your money.

Then good luck! When you start with WPM and they still trying to get you money you will receive call from them wanting you to see how they are doing and wanting you to fill out reviews on them. They will ask you to fill them out before they even really do anything! If you read their reviews you can tell they are new to WPM.

Here we are at the end and I can see my dreams and money gone!

Wish there was a NO STAR review! Please look at athe email from one of the patent laywers.

Review about: World Patent Marketing Customer Care.

Reason of review: Was scamed.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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There are several lawsuits against WPM. You can research this on the internet. Stay away from this company!


This same thing has happened to me by World Patent Marketing and being played for my money and time. Now the company appears to be completely GONE.

No more website, building is empty, email addresses no longer exist, etc leaving me no way of getting any information or documentation of my patent applications and status.

I also found on World Patent Marketing consumer affairs endless people who have written the exact same thing as you and I in just the last two weeks alone. Are you or anyone pushing forward to group together in a legal action?

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